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With many years of experience in business sectors including Commercial Products, Clinical Trials Supply, Unlicensed Medicine Supply, Export and RPI Import, let us create a bespoke solution for your individual needs.

Our Training Courses

RP & RPI Training

Basic and Advanced

We can offer a basic or advanced RP training course to cover RPI or not, dependent on your business model. We also offer a one day GDP RP Annual Refresher course with guidelines to HMR 2012 and updates to the Green Guide 2022.

GMP Training

Basic and Advanced

Our GMP training course can be tailored to your company requirements. It covers the latest updates to the Orange Guide 2022 and HMR 2012 and provides multiple scenarios including personnel training prior to any regulatory inspection.

GDP Training

Basic & Advanced

Our GDP training course can be set at basic or advanced level as per your requirements. This course covers the latest updates to the Green Guide 2022 and HMR 2012 and can provide multiple scenarios including personnel training prior to any regulatory inspection.

Audit Training

Internal & External

Our Audit training teaches candidates to  prepare for either internal or external audits – GDP or GMP. From planning and process through to writing the report and subsequent closing out of CAPAs. Audit workshops can be created.

Our Services

QP Viva preparation

QP Viva Service

We have a proven track record of getting trainee QP’s through the Viva within the commercial and NHS environment.

SOP Support

RP Support Service

Our support service offers access to an experienced mentor over an agreed period to help RP’s build confidence and knowledge .

Auditing Services

Regulatory Audit Preparation

We support commercial and NHS environments through the regulatory inspection preparation process.

Auditing Services

Vendor Auditing

We have a number of experienced IRCA accredited Lead Auditors who can undertake your vendor qualification audits on your behalf either on-site or remotely.

QMS Support

RP / RPI Training

Basic and advanced RP / RPI training suitable for both new and experienced RPs including regulatory and compliance personnel.

Regulatory Support

QMS Support

Our Quality Management System support is suitable for GDP or GMP in businesses of all sizes, from start ups to large companies.

Training for the Pharmaceutical sector

Flexible Training & Services

Our services and training can be tailored to your exact needs. We understand that within the pharmaceutical industry, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution to services such as GDP/GMP support.

Let us know your requirements and we can create the perfect custom solution for you.