RP Support Service

RP Support Service

The Responsible Person and Responsible Person (Import) are leadership positions within an organisation. Sadly, many RP’s and RPI’s find themselves without the support required to ensure compliance with the GDP regulations. This is particularly true for newly qualified RP’s and RPI’s. This is where Pharma George can help.
Our support service offers access to an experienced RP mentor over an agreed contracted period to help new and existing RP’s build their confidence and knowledge and will be on hand to discuss your challenges and assist you to overcome the obstacles whilst you retain full control.

How does the RP and RPI Support service work?

The RP support service is fully customisable to your needs and may include any of the following and more:

  • Email support
  • Telephone support
  • Help with SOP’s
  • Live online support
  • On site support
  • Quality System review
  • Support with Internal, External and Regulatory audits
  • Quality Risk Assessment

Interested in our RP Support Service?

Everything we do is tailored to the customer, contact us to see how we can help to support your RP or RPI.

RP Support service for pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution

Flexible Training & Services

Our services and training can be tailored to your exact needs. We understand that within the pharmaceutical industry, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution to services such as and RP support service.

Let us know your requirements and we can create the perfect custom solution for you.